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Salisbury School

Belin Lodge Student Center, Flagship Dormitory and Main Entrance
Student Center: The renovation to the essential campus student hub contemporized the environment from a dark 1970s space to an open, airy, well-lit community gathering center featuring a new rooftop clerestory. The 8,000 square foot modern structure allowed for more open space and included a beautifully rendered covered porch at the upper level and an airy deck at the lower level. The south end addition allowed for highly functional enhancements including larger restrooms and a newly expanded snack-bar kitchen.

Sarum Dormitory: This innovative and efficient 25,000 square foot dormitory lays the foundation for subsequent dorms and a new residential community. Set into a steep ridge, the northern front maintains two stories while the southern side takes advantage of the sunny view with three stories. For optimal natural light while still ensuring privacy, hallways utilize frosted glass. Commonly found in New England, the dorm’s clapboard siding reflects the existing dining hall and infirmary on campus. As revered as the school, the residential dorm plays its part in attracting and retaining students and faculty through its cheery aesthetic.


Salisbury, CT


Huestis Tucker Architects; OMR Architects


Justin Bishop; Hunter Neal

Salisbury School