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Grander Views

Grander Views is a refreshing change of pace for a New York City couple. Bird’s-eye views of Connecticut’s meadows and valleys connect the home with its grand scenery. Stretching across this linear, single-story house are cedar siding and full-height windows and doors. Wooden posts break up the interior and assemble its grid-like form: with the carport and guest quarters on one side, and the primary residence on the other, the arrangement exposes the charming outdoors and pool on the south side. A central foyer and the sheltering private forest peacefully nestle the home away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


Sharon, CT – Private Residence


Architecture Research Office


Elizabeth Felicella

“I came to UCE through the recommendation of a real estate developer in New York City who had recently completed a home with Jack’s team. Being an architect myself, but having never designed or built a residence, I wanted to be sure to hire a contractor who was transparent, honest, skilled and enjoyed their work. In UCE I found all these traits and more. Highly recommended!”

Kenneth Levien, Sharon, CT

Grander Views