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Cream Hill

The Cream Hill residence was fully rebuilt to replace a treasured original house that had fallen victim to a devastating fire. The new dream home contains all the character of the original, reflecting the owner’s goal of creating an homage to the building that once was. We helped source specific materials from all over the country to recreate the 19th century domicile. Millwork detail and an extension transport the residence into the 21st century. The outcome beautifully reflects the owner’s vision for the property to be a harmonious blending of old and new.


West Cornwall, CT – Private Residence


Kate Briggs Johnson


Justin Bishop

“We had a vision for our home that UCE completely committed to. From the project manager, to the president and across the team, they were bought in, and on our side. They went above and beyond to deliver on our vision and even took it a step further. The experience was so dramatically different from other projects we’ve done over the years; never have I hired a contractor and ended the projects on such a high, positive note.”

Douglas Green, Cornwall, CT

Cream Hill