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Alluring Norfolk Renovation

Alluring Norfolk Renovation was a complete structural and architectural gutting and rework of the existing 1800s colonial residence. The family bought the home to escape New York City, and wanted a space that was a complete contrast to their city living style. The complete and modern makeover combines beautiful antique restorations with brand-new finishes and new stylish pilasters. Set in bucolic Norfolk, the family wanted to bring some of the outside in, with the addition of an airy, breathtaking conservatory. In addition, an impressive front brick façade and other features blend aspects of old traditions and new, contemporized features.


Norfolk, CT –– Renovation


Aldridge and Tanno Architects


Justin Bishop

“We had another contractor initially but when things started to go south, we looked for a new builder. It must have been difficult to pick up a project mid-stream and moreover it was the middle of the winter. UCE committed to achieving our beautiful home renovation with the most professionalism. Their strong expertise and responsiveness made the entire team great to work. I am confident they could face any challenge.”

Jeremy, Norfolk, CT

Alluring Norfolk Renovation